Daiya Industry is a Japanese manufacturer of medical products such as supporters and braces. We develop and produce supporters for different body parts including back, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, chest, shoulder joints to meet various needs of customers. Not only supporters and braces, we also develop nursing care, rehabilitation products for aging society.

Ultrathin Adjustable Thumb Supporter

■Ultrathin Adjustable Thumb Supporter


Product Features
Ultrathin Adjustable Thumb Supporter can adjust the restriction of thumb's bending and extension of movements. A small pocket on the Velcro part is designed to hook a finger to close the belt by oneself.
This supporter is seamless design by glueing parts together so that it is comfortable fitting for a long period of time. Of course, the material has quick drying materiial for house duties.


■Ultrathin Adjustable Thumb Supporter
Product No. Size Circumference of
Circumference of
000-1267 L 6〜7.5cm 17〜20cm
000-1268 5.5〜7cm 15〜18cm
000-1269 5〜6cm 13〜16cm
【Material】Nylon, Polyurethane


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