Daiya Industry is a Japanese manufacturer of medical products such as supporters and braces. We develop and produce supporters for different body parts including back, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, chest, shoulder joints to meet various needs of customers. Not only supporters and braces, we also develop nursing care, rehabilitation products for aging society.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information Security Policy

Daiya Industry Co., Ltd., which proposes customers for Comfortable Life by offering medical products, recognizes that addressing the information management, including private information, is the important social responsibility. And we establish Information Security Policy in order to establish and maintain Information Security System, and to condition and harmonize strategic risk management.
We make a declarative statement that all employees, including management, shall observe and improve this Security Policy continuously.

1. We appropriately manage the information asset and continuously improve it.
Our company recognizes the importance of information security, settle the purpose of information security, manage the information asset appropriately and improve it continuously.
2. We establish the company culture that educates information security.
We establish a company culture that educates and trains all people, who relate with our company’s information asset, in order for them to understand the importance of information security and deal with it.
3. We carry out through compliance with laws and regulations of information security.
We carry out through a compliance with laws and regulations, standards, other rules and obligations of contract related with information security. And we deal with establishment and securement of information security that carried out through compliance and conformity with these.
4. We assess the risk of information asset and secure it properly.
Our company shall assess the risk of information asset, manage it appropriately, and protect it from any risks in order to secure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information asset.
5. We prepare and provide for accidents related with information security.
Our company shall prevent any accidents related with information security and in the case of it happens, we shall immediately take prompt actions to counter the accidents including accident response and preventive steps.

Established Date November 1st, 2006
Revised Date June 3rd, 2014
Daiya Industry Co., Ltd.
President Masao Matsuo

1. Names of Handling Facilities of Personal information
Daiya Industry Co., Ltd. Head Office
Daiya Industry Co., Ltd. CS Center
2. Privacy Policy
Daiya Industry Co., Ltd., which proposes customers for Comfortable Life by offering medical products, recognizes that the private information is the important individual property. And we regard that proper handling of personal information is the most important challenges for a whole company, so that we establish Privacy Policy.
1. We collect, deal and provide personal information properly.
Regarding collecting, dealing and providing personal information, we shall observe Compliance Program by educating all divisions and employees in order to understand the importance of personal information protection and to ensure security and reliability.
2. We take steps to protect personal information against unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsify and leak.
We eliminate the possibility of accumulated usages in dispersed forms , attempt improvement of consolidate the system, and shall take steps to prevent personal information from unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsify and leak and correct them.
3. We observe laws and regulations related with Privacy Policy.
We observe laws and regulations, including code, roles, guidelines which are issued from administrative organs, related with Privacy Policy.
4. We continuously improve Compliance Program for Privacy Policy.
In order to protect personal information properly, we re-examine our privacy policy “Compliance Program” regularly, and improve the program continuously by conducting internal auditing.
5. We sincerely and promptly respond to inquiry about Privacy Policy.
We sincerely and promptly respond to inquiry, claim, counsel, and disclose request related with handling of personal information.

This Privacy Policy shall be published on Company Website and shall be published a paper upon request.

Established Date October 7th, 2004
Revised Date June 1st, 2007
Daiya Industry Co., Ltd.
President Masao Matsuo

3. Collecting, Dealing and Providing Personal information
(1) Personal information Collection

Our company collect following information for business activity

  • Name (Company Name / Division / Position)
  • Address / Phone Number / FAX Number
  • E-mail Address / Website
  • Date of Birth / Established Date / Office Hour
(2) Purposes of Personal information Usage

We deal with our customer’s personal information which we collect or already held for following purposes.

  • Delivery of ordered products and document, and answer an inquiry
  • After-purchase servicing
  • Delivery of catalog, direct mail, and email from our company
  • Product and service introduction, event notification
  • Survey for development and improvement of products and services, questionnaire
  • Business activities for club member system and service operation
  • Other business activities related with our company
(3) Provision to Third Parties

We shall never provide and/or disclose customer’s personal information to third parties unless otherwise written on the purposes of usage category and fall under the following conditions.

  • When customer agrees
  • Under the provision of the law
  • When it is hard to obtain the customer’s agreement but it is necessary to save a person’s life, body and property.
  • When we receive a referral officially from public agencies such as police and court, and our business activities would be damaged by obtaining permission from the customer.
  • In order to achieve customer’s request, we might provide information to alliance partner or outsourcing partner after obtaining the customer’s permission.
  • Please feel free to contact us if you have any question or concerns for the above situations.
  • Please feel free to tell us if you are not able to agree with above situations and conditions.
  • If we do not receive any concerns about this matter, we assume you agree with the terms and conditions. Of course, your concern and offer can be recalled or changed anytime later.
4. Outsourcing
Our company outsources a part of our business activities in order to conduct business activities efficiently. On this occasion, we sometimes provide customer’s personal information to outsourcing companies within a necessary range. In that case, our company shall authorize the usage by signing agreement for privacy policy with the outsourcing company. Moreover, in the case that the outsourcing company subcontracts the business activity, we also authorize the usage of personal information by the subcontracting company through contract.
5. Security
Our company strictly manages all the computers and network, which the personal information is saved, in order to protect the information against unauthorized access, loss, damage, falsify and leak. We take steps to protect customer’s personal information from divulging of information but also from risks of unauthorized access by taking a safety precaution of appropriate and reasonable level.
6. Correction and Suspension of Use of Customer’s Personal Information
Regarding the personal information that our company holds, in the case of an individual requests the correction, deletion, or suspension of use of the person’s personal information, we shall correct, delete or suspend the personal information within reasonable time and range after we confirm the identification of the person.
7. Procedure to Disclose Personal Information
Regarding the personal information that our company holds, we shall disclose the personal information within reasonable time and range after we confirm the identification of the person. We accept the disclosure request of the personal information that our company holds, through following terms and conditions. Please understand that we might not be able to accept the request of disclosure other than following terms and conditions.
(1) Subject of Disclosure
Name / Address / Phone Number / FAX Number / Date of Birth / Established Date / Business Hours / Membership Number / E-mail Address / Website
(2) Procedure
Mail the required documents and written request to following address
1125 Koshinden Minami-ku Okayama City Okayama 701-0203
Daiya Industry Co., Ltd.
(3) Required Documents
  1. Written request
  2. Identify verification documents --- attach either one of followings
  • Copy of driver’s license (unexpired and official license with photo and address. No international driver’s license is allowed.)
  • Copy of school identification card (unexpired card with photo, birth date and address. In the case of no address written on the card, please provide certificate of residence as well.)
  • Copy of passport (unexpired passport with current address)
  • Copy of health insurance ID card and certificate of residence.
(4) Handling Fee
We may ask for handling fee to disclose the personal information.
8. Complaints Handling
We will deal with complaints regarding to customer’s personal information. Please contact following place.
1125 Koshinden Minami-ku Okayama city, Okayama 701-0203 JAPAN
Daiya Industry Co., Ltd.
Business Hours 9:00 - 18:00 (+9 JST, from Monday to Friday, except national holidays)
TEL: +81-86-282-1245 FAX: +81-86-282-1246
E-mail: info@daiyak.co.jp