Daiya Industry is a Japanese manufacturer of medical products such as supporters and braces. We develop and produce supporters for different body parts including back, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, chest, shoulder joints to meet various needs of customers. Not only supporters and braces, we also develop nursing care, rehabilitation products for aging society.

Slim Hip Supporter

■Slim Hip Supporter             ■Slim Hip Supporter             

Product Features
The precise pressure is achieved through the tension of each, pelvis belt and thigh belt.

The belt is made with breathable and elastic material to wear directly on the skin. It is easy to put on by oneself. 
If more compression is required, you can put a pad on the hip joint (overlapped) part.

■Belt Theory
The two belts are overlapping at the greater trochanter and the resulting strength is directly transferred to it. In this way, the feeling of stability is maintained because the contraction of the buttocks muscles is supported and the axis of motion stabilized. 


Suitable for...
●Hip joint support
●Resting of the hip
●Controlling exercises around the hip
●Supporting the muscle strength in the area of the hip joint
●Problems when walking due to a weakening of buttocks muscles


■Slim Hip Supporter
Product No. Color Size Iliac bone
000-3910 White One size (Free) 58〜115cm 40〜70cm
000-3911 Black
【Upper Belt Length】80cm 【Bottom Belt Length】55cm 
【Belt Width】10cm
【Material】Nylon, Polyester, Polyurethane


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