Daiya Industry is a Japanese manufacturer of medical products such as supporters and braces. We develop and produce supporters for different body parts including back, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, chest, shoulder joints to meet various needs of customers. Not only supporters and braces, we also develop nursing care, rehabilitation products for aging society.

Osteoarthritis Knee Supporter

■Osteoarthritis Knee Supporter
■Osteoarthritis Knee Supporter
■Osteoarthritis Knee Supporter

Product Features
This knee supporter is developed based on professional taping method to support thigh muscles directly. Three layers apply direct compression and support on each thigh muscles by following the direction of muscle activities. 
Back of knee is opened and breathable for more comfort. 


Suitable for...
●Unstable knees during walking and tracking
●Suffering from chronic knee pain
●Weaken thigh muscles

How to Wear
1:Unfasten all the fasteners and close the main belts from the bottom to upper belts
2:Pull the upper layers and close the fasteners

■Osteoarthritis Knee Supporter
Product No. Size Color Circumference of
10 cm above and below the knee
000-7941 LL Beige 40〜58cm
000-7942 Free 35〜45cm
000-7946 LL Grey 40〜58cm
000-7947 Free 35〜45cm
000-7943 LL Black 40〜58cm
000-7944 Free 35〜45cm
【Width】LL:52cm Free:42cm 
【Length】23cm 【Belt Width】8cm
【Where to measure】10cm above and below the knee patella
【Material】Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyester


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