Daiya Industry is a Japanese manufacturer of medical products such as supporters and braces. We develop and produce supporters for different body parts including back, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, chest, shoulder joints to meet various needs of customers. Not only supporters and braces, we also develop nursing care, rehabilitation products for aging society.


Front side design
Back side design
Product Features
This product is designed based on the research and analysis of construction workers' movements and how and where they feel pain and strain during work to decide which muscles and joints, and what kind of position they require support. 
Daiya Industry developed this wear with Takenaka Corporation to reduce the strain and swellings of construction workers. 
This product is also developed based on DARWING's theory which is to apply compression in order to support both inner and outer muscles at the same time to contribute to alleviate fatigue. 

1The special material which has features of both storage and release heat makes sure the comfortable feeling  throughout the year.
Since this material is not only breathable but also  thermal, it can release extra heat on the body and keep necessary heat for the body. 
For example, the material dries quickly after getting sweat and it keeps the body heat in cold weather. 
2Keep the good posture and support muscles based on the each movement during work. 
Keeping the good posture with total body support design will increase the bradebone range of motion, support arm movement and back pain.
And workers can select from the three different designs with different support lines based on their working conditions and concerns.
3Good for standing for a whole day and going up and down stairs
Applying stepwise pressure on the calf, where it is commonly called the second heart of the body, stimulates the blood circulation and prevents sore muscles.
This design prevents swelling and strain on legs to support people who stand for a whole day, and to ease going up and down stairs and carrying task. 
4Easy to take on and off with front open design pants
Front-open design pants enable users to go to a toilet easily.
And this design also makes it possible to have legs apart easily. (Patent Pending Design)

4.Easy to take on and off with front open design pants
Front-open design pants enable users to go to a toilet easily.
And this design also makes it possible to have legs apart easily. (Patent Pending Design)


Black part is elastic
≪Lower and Upper Back Support≫

Good for forward stoop, kneeling position, floor construction
Job Type:earchwork, plastering, floor covering workers
Black part is elastic
≪Shoulder Support≫

Good for lifting up and supporting movement, wall surface construction
Job type:steeplejack, carpenter, reinforcement workers

Black part is elastic
Red arrows are elastic belts 
≪Shoulder Spport≫
Not only wear like a X type, but also adjust shoulder support lines by adjustiing the elastic belts. 
Job type:plaster board workers, construction painter, electrician workers. (especially workers who do both wall and ceiling jobs)
※Xβ type attached the elastic belts by hook and loop fasteners, so that the support strength can be changed by unfastening the belts.


A set with shirts 
Black part is elastic
≪Leg and lower limb support≫

Good for standing for a whole day,
going up and down stairs, and
bending and stretching the knees

■SHOKUNIN DARWING (shirts and pants)
Product No.(T-type) Product No. (X-type) Product No. (Xβ-type) Size 
000-9641 000-9646 000-9596 LL
000-9642 000-9647 000-9597 L
000-9643 000-9648 000-9598 M
・T-type:lower and upper back muscles support・X-type:Shoulder muscles support ・Xβ-type:Shoulder muscles support

Size Height Chest Circumference(A) Waist Circumference(B) Upper Arm Circumference(C) Thigh Circumference(D)
LL 178〜190cm 85〜110cm 80〜105cm 25〜33cm 45〜65cm
L 168〜180cm 80〜105cm 75〜100cm 40〜60cm
M 158〜170cm 75〜100cm 70〜95cm 40〜55cm


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