Daiya Industry

Daiya Industry is a Japanese manufacturer of medical products such as supporters and braces. We develop and produce supporters for different body parts including back, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, chest, shoulder joints to meet various needs of customers. Not only supporters and braces, we also develop nursing care, rehabilitation products for aging society.

Neutral Top

■Neutral Top

Product Features
Improve necessary muscles movement and straight the upper limb up to maintain your body alignment.

1. Daiya's unique double layers function in order to be conscious of beautiful posture alignment
2. Thin materials to wear underneath of normal clothes
3. Breathable mesh materials to wear throughout a year comfortably
4. Open chest (bust) design to keep natural shape of bust

「Support beautiful back shape」
Two layers supports the latissimus dorsi muscle movement. This muscle support is important to improve the back appearance which includes body sides, under arms, upper back, and upper arms where many women concern. These are the areas are also hard to exercise during the daily activities. 

「Women's ideal shape」
The shirt is designed to be women's ideal body shape. For example, the waist line will be improved to be S-shaped line and wide-open bust line lifts up the bust without applying pressure.

「Tightening body shape design」
The main part of shirts is sewed and designed to fit the body shape perfectly and improve its shape at the same time. This shirt can keep the good posture by applying compression around the abdomen and stable the pelvis joints.

「Step-in and pull up the shirt for sagging body」
In order to lift up the sagging hip and waist, this shirt is designed to step-in and pull up the shirt to wear. Since customers can lift up their concerned part every time they wear the shirt by themselves, they can image their ideal body shape. 

「Training with doing other things」
Wearing this shirt makes the muscles, which are rarely used during daily activities, ready to exercise and move easily. Therefore, the same daily activities, including household duties, will make a big difference on exercise and move muscles with Neutral Top. 

■Neutral Top
Size Waist Circumference Hip Circumference
LL 73〜79cm 89〜99cm
67〜73cm 86〜96cm
61〜67cm 83〜93cm
【Color】Beige, Black  【Material】Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyester


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