Light and Easy to Move, Labor Reduction Assist Suit
DARWING Hakobelude

DARWING HAKOBELUDE can be easily and lightly worn like a backpack, and assist the lifting-up movement or half-crouching position by the power of special high-elastic rubbers placed from the shoulders to the waist, and artificial muscles placed from the waist to thighs.By crouching down, you will be pulled from behind, and the contractile force of the rubber provide the assistance force that will naturally raise your upper body.As a result, it exerts a function of assisting the muscles from the back to the thighs when lifting up heavy stuff. In addition, by sending air to artificial muscles, it contracts and exerts the power in the same way as human muscles. By its action, it helps the back muscles that a person uses to maintain a half-crouching position.



Assist the lift-up movement by high-elastic rubbers

The high-elastic rubbers, which are installed from the back to the waist and from the waist to the buttock, assists the rising movement.By bending forward, the high-elastic rubber on the back, sides, and buttocks stretches, and their tension assists the upper body to rise from the forward bending posture.



Assist to maintain the posture by artificial muscles

Pneumatic artificial muscles originally developed by DAIYA INDUSTRY CO., LTD. assist to maintain the same posture for a long time, such as half-crouching position.Just by pumping about 5 times by dedicated pump to the artificial muscles, they contract like human muscles and exert power to assist maintaining a hard posture.



Lightweight, Flexible, and Wearable

It weighs only 800g! Light & flexible just as clothing.The thin design makes it easy to move even in narrow spaces, and it hardly interferes with complex movements during work, such as rotating backwards, getting on and off the vehicles, or sitting on a chair.



Electric power is not necessary, no limit on operating hours. Low cost

Since it uses the power of air and rubber, it does not require charging battery and can be free from worrying about operating time. In addition, since it does not use any electricity, safe for use under sudden rain. It can be used in various environments both indoors and outdoors.Compared to the products with electric power, product price is much lower and economical.



Easy to put on and easy operation

6 steps to put on

1.How to put on

Put your arms through the product as if you are carrying it on your back

Fasten the buckles on thigh.
Point: Wear it along with your inseam to prevent it from slipping up during use.

Adjust the length of belts

Fasten the chest buckle and adjust the length.

Adjust the belts.

Pull the belts and adjust the level of fitting.

2. How to use

Connect dedicated pump with the product and adjust the power by pumping in maximum 5 times.

When switching to the lift assistive mode or when bleed air after use, tilt the knob on the left chest sideways to bleed the air.

The product can be easily loosened by tilting the shoulder adjuster, so there is no need to put on or take off when riding a vehicle.


You can easily customize your own support according to the work scene. For example, with the addition of a waist option, a waist brace can be added to further stabilize the waist, and with the addition of an arm option, the strength of the arm can be assisted to make it easier to hold heavy objects.

Insert Icing Cell

There is a part to connect with waist brace (sold separately), and it can be used together.

How to put on

Feedback from users

Machine manufacturing industry 20's Male
I feel more being assisted than other assist suits I've tried before, and it's lighter and easier to move. Especially when I put air in the artificial muscles, I was able to maintain the hard posture by leaning the body on DARWING HAKOBELUDE. We often carry heavy parts, and there is a lot of work to maintain a difficult posture when welding and assembling parts, so it seems that both modes can be useful.
Farmer 50's Male
The moment of lifting the rice bag, the tension of the rubber works, which greatly eases the burden on my lower back. Since the adjustment belt allows to respond to various movements while wearing the product, I don’t have to put it on and take it off even if the work changes, and I can work comfortably. In the field work while maintaining the half-crouching posture, it became very easy to maintain the same posture by putting air into the artificial muscles, and it became possible to work continuously.

DARWING Hakobelude

Product Code
Chest Circumference
Thigh Circumference

●Weight L:816g / M:732g

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