Daiya Industry

Daiya Industry is a Japanese manufacturer of medical products such as supporters and braces. We develop and produce supporters for different body parts including back, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, chest, shoulder joints to meet various needs of customers. Not only supporters and braces, we also develop nursing care, rehabilitation products for aging society.

bonbone Osgood band

■bonbone Osgood band

Product Features

Suitable for athletes and kids with Osgood
The precise compression is achieved by crossing the non-elastic belt. 
Compression force will be increased only at the bending position so that high compression force is achieved at only the necessary position and condition.

This precise compression is achieved with Daiya's original formed pad which is triangular shape to apply compression in the right place between knee patella and tibial tuberosity. And this pad width is designed to hold the patella tendon and reduce the compression force on the back side of knee. 
The pad is the double structure: outside is made with soft material and inside is made with hard material, so that the pad softly and neatly fits below the knee at the standing position, and the pad applies good compression at the bending knee position.

Other features:
1. The pad is detachable to wash the main material by hands.
2. The main material is made with mesh material for breathability.
3. Non-elastic material is used to keep the good compression force during sports.
4. Cushioning material is selected inner side of product for comfortable feeling.
5. No hard material is used for any sports usage.

■bonbone Osgood band
Product No. Size Circumference of
5cm below the knee
000-4092 Free 25〜37cm


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