Daiya Industry

Daiya Industry is a Japanese manufacturer of medical products such as supporters and braces. We develop and produce supporters for different body parts including back, knee, ankle, elbow, wrist, chest, shoulder joints to meet various needs of customers. Not only supporters and braces, we also develop nursing care, rehabilitation products for aging society.

DARWING Separate - Men

■DARWING Separae - Men
(Long Sleeves)
■DARWING Separae - Men  
(Half Sleeves)
■DARWING Separate        

Product Features
DARWING Series are the products that integrate supporter functions of each body parts. Until DARWING has developed, each supporter supports a body part independently (microscopic point of view) but DARWING Series support a body totally from the balance to skeletal muscles (macroscopic point of view). DARWING's unique support system which is a combination of supporting the deeper and upper muscle layers, results in an ideal body support.

The lower limb support line is designed to lift up the knees with the second layers which are reaching down from the hip to the knees. Moreover, the design leads the ideal hip joint movement by rotating the leg inward, so that the lower limb support line supports leg movement such as going up and down stairs and standing and sitting movements. Applying stepwise pressure on the calf, where it is commonly called the second heart of the body, to stimulates the blood circulation and prevents sore muscles.

The upper back support line effectively supports one's posture for a good appearance. When wearing the shirt and pants together, both parts are connected through the anti-slip area which practically creates an overall.

The moisture, absorbing quick drying material maintains a comfortable feeling on the skin even during perspiration or in contact with water. Discharge the heat of body during an exercise and keep a body warm after exercise for comfort. 


The images are the results to show how the sway of the body's center of gravity changed with and without DARWING. 15 healthy men participated in this test which checks the balance of their body's center of gravity during standing straight. The result shows that DARWING can improve the body balance.
Moreover, the graph shows the level of lactate after exercise with and without DARWING. The result shows that some subjects can reduce about one-third of the level of lactate when they wear DARWING (O% is when they are relaxed).  

■DARWING Separate - Men Shirts
Product No.
(Long Sleeves)
Product No.
(Half Sleeves)
Size Height Waist
000-0562 000-0572 L - Slim 168〜180cm 70〜90cm
000-0567 000-0577 L - Normal 85〜110cm
000-0563 000-0573 M - Slim 158〜170cm 70〜90cm
000-0568 000-0578 M - Normal 85〜110cm
000-0564 000-0574 S - Slim 148〜160cm 70〜90cm
000-0569 000-0579 S - Normal 85〜110cm

■DARWING Separate - Men Pants
Product No. Size Height Waist
000-0582 Lスリム 168〜180cm 70〜90cm
000-0587 Lノーマル 85〜110cm
000-0583 Mスリム 158〜170cm 70〜90cm
000-0588 Mノーマル 85〜110cm
000-0584 Sスリム 148〜160cm 70〜90cm
000-0589 Sノーマル 85〜110cm


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